Red Stick Cannabis Street Fair 
Educational Session Tents  
Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Rooms (4th floor Library)

Featured Speakers

Meet the dynamic lineup of speakers for The Red Stick Cannabis Street Fair, each bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of cannabis education and advocacy.

Dr. Pepper Hernandez, ND, PhD, CNC, CNHP, CTC

Cannabis Holistic Institute

Dr. Pepper Hernandez is a leading figure in holistic health and cannabis advocacy. She founded the Humboldt Holistic Foundation™ to promote holistic initiatives locally and beyond. As the Founder and Educational Director of the Cannabis Holistic Institute™, she champions community perspectives on the cannabis plant.

Dr. Hernandez's innovative "Humboldt Joint Discussions"™ project highlights ethical businesses in the cannabis community through web series, podcasts, and panel discussions.

With a research focus on Neuroscience and spirituality, Dr. Hernandez explores topics like Entheogenics and Quantum Physics. She offers Quantum Alignment Therapy® to help clients achieve holistic well-being by balancing nutrition, energy, and chakras.

Dr. Gregory Ward

Louisiana Medical Cannabis Institute 

Dr. Gregory Ward is board certified by the American Academy of Pain Management and board certified by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Ward also has the pleasure of serving as a Fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. As a licensed physician in Louisiana. Georgia and Florida, he has enjoyed practicing medicine in Baton Rouge since 1990 where he is the founder of the Louisiana Institute of Physical Medicine. 

Dr. Rome Sherrod, III, MD

Transformative Health Center

Dr. Rome Sherrod III, MD, operates Transformative Health Center in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA. With over 15 years of medical expertise, Dr. Sherrod serves as a medical director and has co-owned multiple urgent care facilities. Dr. Sherrod is an alumnus of East Tennessee State University - Quillen College of Medicine.

Dr. Rome Sherrod started Transformative when he saw the need for safer alternatives to traditional prescription medication. Life can be hard, but getting the help you need shouldn’t be. Small steps toward wellness can lead to transformative results.

Sasha Kalcheff-Korn

Realm of Caring

Sasha Kalcheff-Korn brings a wealth of experience in human rights, education and communications to her role at Realm of Caring. Long interested in the intersection between cannabis legalization and human rights both here and abroad, Sasha is passionate about connecting individuals to effective plant-based methodologies for medicine and care. In her current role, Sasha keeps Realm of Caring’s internal teams, clients and the community at large educated on industry developments and scientific advancements through educational and research initiatives, participating in state and federal level advocacy efforts, and leading day to day operations as Executive Director.

Randy Mire

Capitol Wellness Solutions

Randy J. Mire, Founder and CEO of Capitol Wellness Solutions, is dedicated to providing top-tier pharmaceutical care to Louisiana residents. With over a decade of experience in the pharmacy industry, Randy oversees multiple pharmacies and healthcare businesses, ensuring they meet rigorous state and national standards. A commissioned Army officer with a Bachelor's degree from Loyola University New Orleans and a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Xavier University, Randy continually pursues excellence and expansion. Licensed in multiple states, he champions innovative patient care, including medical marijuana, alongside traditional medicine. Randy's mission is to ensure comprehensive pharmaceutical options for his patients at local, state, and national levels.

Charity Moran, Ed.S. 

Seaux and Reap

Charity Moran, Ed.S., is an esteemed educator hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, renowned for her expertise in Project Based Learning (PBL) and commitment to culturally responsive teaching methodologies. With over 15 years of educational experience, Charity is passionate about fostering lifelong learning among all stakeholders through innovative instructional techniques. Beyond her educational endeavors, Charity is the visionary behind Seaux & Reap, a Louisiana-based travel company offering luxury cannabis experiences. Dedicated to providing unparalleled and immersive adventures for cannabis enthusiasts, Seaux and Reap curates unforgettable experiences ranging from elegant dinner parties to captivating excursions, ensuring each moment is truly unforgettable.


Isaiah Byrd

Biologist | Cannabis Science

Isaiah Byrd, a biologist, is deeply passionate about cannabis science, particularly cultivation and therapeutic application, holding a USDA license to grow hemp and actively assisting farmers with hemp cultivation. Previously serving as a Cultivation Supervisor at Southern Crop, he orchestrated the workflow and plant management data for the cultivation department. He has voluntarily advised micro-cultivators within the state on best practices. Currently, he is involved with a medical cannabis testing laboratory in Mississippi. Besides cannabis, Isaiah collaborates with a team of community members to establish a permaculture garden in Lauderdale County, practicing sustainable agriculture, and works with GroEnterprises in New Orleans, using industrial hemp as hempcrete for sustainable inner-city housing development. Mr. Byrd is a dynamic speaker poised to enlighten audiences on the intersection of biology, cannabis science, and sustainable agriculture.

Brandon DeBoer

Director of Cultivation | Ilera Holistic Healthcare

Brandon DeBoer grew up in New Jersey, where he gained early exposure to plant care while working at his father's landscaping company and family farm. His passion for cannabis blossomed during high school, leading him to pursue a degree in horticulture with a focus on hydroponics and tissue culture. After college, Brandon secured a cultivation tech position at Ilera Healthcare in Pennsylvania. Within a year, he was promoted to Cultivation Manager in Louisiana, joining Ilera Holistic Healthcare as its third employee. Through his dedication, the company has grown to over 50 employees, with Brandon now serving as the Director of Cultivation. He oversees all processes, from cultivation to packaging, and is proud to contribute to Louisiana's medical cannabis industry.

Turk McBride

Global Research Ventures

Turk McBride, a former NFL defensive end drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007, played for teams like the Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears before retiring in 2013. After earning an MBA from the University of Miami, Turk shifted his focus to the medicinal cannabis industry in California. Recognizing the potential of CBD in aiding neurological conditions like CTE, he founded Global Research Ventures (GRV) in 2016, aiming to advance responsible cannabis use through pioneering research and innovation.

The Veiled Lawyer

Belle Terre Law Firm

Chareese "Queen" Haile, Esq. is a licensed Louisiana attorney and a fourth generation Cannabis entrepreneur. She is an alumna of the Cannabis Compliance, Law, and Policy Institute of Southern University Law Center, and the owner of Belle Terre Law Firm. Her practice areas are Business, Cannabis, and Intellectual Property Law. As the Louisiana state chapter director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc., she educates Louisiana citizens on their Cannabis rights and helps to advance Cannabis policy and legislation. In her leisure time, she enjoys hula hooping, cooking home cooked meals, traveling, and learning new languages

Gary Hess


In Iraq, Gary Hess faced profound trauma, losing comrades and his peace of mind. Traditional medicine offered little relief, relying on addictive pharmaceuticals. Turning to medical cannabis transformed his life, rebalancing his system and fostering healing without harmful side effects.

Since 2019, Gary has worked tirelessly to advocate for access to medical cannabis and cannabis education in Louisiana and throughout the United States so that people experiencing trauma, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions can find the healing they deserve.

Jessica Potts 

Founder of Bonne Santé and Red Stick Cannabis Street Fair

Jessica Potts is a Louisiana native who has been passionate about caring for others her whole life. She worked in education for over 15 years. In 2014, Jessica expanded her expertise in education and advocacy into the cannabis and hemp industry by building relationships with political and industry leaders in Washington DC, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other emerging markets. Because of her expertise and passion for helping others, Jessica has become a well-known industry leader in the cannabis and hemp industry across Louisiana. Jessica was one of the first black woman to obtain a license, own, and operate a cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution company in the global cannabis industry. In 2018, Jessica founded Bonne Santé, LLC, which provides patient education and facilitates patient enrollment into the state medical marijuana program.


Majeanne Nganga 

Founder of Cannagician LLC. 

Majeanne Nganga is an American Congolese woman from Salinas, California. She left Salinas in 2018 to pursue a degree in Public Health at one of the top Historically Black Universities in the nation, Xavier University of Louisiana.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she went on to study Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. In May 2024, Majeanne will have the highest level of education offered in Medical Cannabis Science. She is currently working as a medical cannabis consultant at her company Cannagician LLC. Majeanne’s interests include, instructional design,  drug action and cannabinoid pharmacology, and equity in the industry. 

Jared Dugar 

Nothing But Motion llc

NothingButMotionllc is a Marketing company that’s focuses on promoting Holistic Resolutions, and also local brands whether it’s Clothing , Music… You know anything with Motion!

Kate Ruggles, RDN 

Rad Dad Alternative

Hi there! I’m Kate Ruggles, Registered Dietitian and Director of Wellness at Rad Dad Alternative.  I’ve had the opportunities to work in community nutrition, research, private holistic nutrition consulting, and recently, have added a Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine certification to my repertoire.  Cannabis has been a part of my wellness routine for the better part of the last 20 years and it was a natural next step to incorporate cannabis into my career.  In my current role, I am integrating holistic nutrition, movement, mindfulness, as well as cannabis/hemp into interactive wellness events for the general public. Come hang with us for our next wellness event at Rad Dad Alternative!

Cassidy McFarland, CPA 

Dope CFO

For over fifteen years Cassidy has served the banking industry with his expertise in finance and data analysis. As a tenured CPA working in the corporate and banking sectors, he saw an increasing need within the Cannabis niche for trustworthy accounting services. His passion for Cannabis culture and moving the movement forward led him to establish his own accounting practice to exclusively serve the Cannabis market. As an Owner/Franchisee of Dope CFO Certified Advisors, a national accounting firm solely focused on the Cannabis Industry, Cassidy partners with owners to build sustainable, thriving, Cannabis businesses.

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